The Puppy Phase

Welcome to the Mutt Maps Pack! Did you know you are one of the lucky ones to first join the pack and view our new web app?  In fact, it’s still under construction as we fine-tune the structure and upload lots of information — The Puppy Phase.

And you know how important The Puppy Phase is!  This means you get to help train Mutt Maps to be the perfect, well-behaved web app we all want it to be.  We welcome your feedback and suggestions, urge you to ask questions, and, yes, we even want to hear your gentle corrections!  (We respond very well to positive reinforcement.  Which is a fancy word for “treats.”  If you like what you see, please send treats.  For corrections, just say it in a stern voice and give us The Look.  We respond very well to The Look.)

Mutt Whats?

Three dogs, two women, and one Big Dream — to create a world where dogs and people can do more, see more, and play more together!

Whether you are planning a road trip for your whole doggone family, moving to a new neighborhood, looking for a vet for your new puppy, or just hunting for new places around your neighborhood, Mutt Maps is here to help dogs find everything they want and need!

Mutt Maps can tell you the best parks and beaches to Play in.  Hungry? We’ve got dog-friendly restaurants, cafes, and ice cream shops where you and your dog can Eat! Traveling? We’ll help you find dog-friendly Accommodations at hotels, bed & breakfasts, campgrounds, and RV parks! We can even show you some Dogs Alllowed! tourist attractions that the whole family can enjoy: vineyards, art galleries, fishing charter boats, shopping areas, historical sites, and whale watch cruises, too!

Got a new dog? Shop at one of the locally owned pet-supply stores on Mutt Maps, or order something from one of the Made-In-America companies to support your local economy! Looking for a new dog? Call up some of the rescues and shelters under Clubs, Etc.  Then sniff around our Service listings for vets, groomers, trainers, and more! Looking for new dog friends?  Come socialize at one of our dog-friendly Events!

If it’s got something for your mutt, we’re gonna map it.  So take the dog.  The world is our hydrant


In 2011, Winston Otis and Murrie Morel first met on Facebook through Murrie’s littermate, Fells Sapp.  It was love at first byte.  By March of 2012, they were officially online dating, but long distance dating was ruff ruff ruff: Winston was near Boston, and Murrie was in Vermont.  They finally met on May 10, 2012 at a dog park when Murrie came down to visit her human cousins.  It was a wonderful albeit heavily chaperoned date — but, quite frankly, it was kind of a dud of a park.  A fairly new dog park, it was gravelly and muddy with hardly a speck of green. And the directions from the internet took them to the wrong location.

There were a few more dates, but the dog parks weren’t always ideal, and the information from the existing dog-park websites was nearly always inaccurate, incomplete, or just plain wrong. On one memorably disappointing day, the humans didn’t know there would be no running water or trees and came unprepared, so Murrie, Winston, and Winston’s new sister Sydney pretty much  just sat and panted in the 2 square feet of shade.

Then on Halloween of 2014, Stacey and Jae had The Conversation.  The Wouldn’t-It-Be-Cool Conversation:  Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a web app that could show you all the best dog parks? Wouldn’t it be cool if the web app told you what the dog park was really like? And wouldn’t it be cool if it showed you all the dog-friendly restaurants, too? And hotels? And tourist attractions? And…and…and…?

In January, the research began and Mutt Maps began to take shape.  By February, it was a true partnership.  In March, Murrie and Jae took off for an 8-week Mutt Maps Tour of the East Coast to visit dog parks and find out what dogs and their humans were looking for in an online doggie directory.  Stacey, Winston, and Baby Syd parked themselves in front of the computer and started building this web app.

With shoe boxes full of business cards, gigabytes of information and pictures, several calloused fingertips, and a lot of new friends and fans, Mutt Maps is ready for its Puppy Phase!

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